I have a heart too

  When talking about rights, we often mistake rights, as something only humans can possess. But rights are nobody's property. Human being is not the only organism on Earth. We mustn't forget that we share Earth with numerous other species. Hence, every organism has got rights. But we don't respect these rights. Here's a poem that depicts the feelings of a few animals who've been captured and oppressed, animals whose 'Rights' haven't been respected by the 'most educated' creatures on Earth. I have a heart too I am called a Dog, By my masters- the humans.  They capture and chain me, And do all that is quite inhuman. I have done no harm To anyone of you. Then why do you oppress me? I have a heart too. I have been named Cat, By the civilised beings. Who are not so civilised, As I am seeing. They buy me and call me a pet. What if someone bought them too? I feel pained just as they feel, I have a heart too. They call me a Bird, A creature that flies. B

An incredible surprise

 "Why do mornings come up so early?" Haley muttered to herself, as Mrs. Woods came up to wake her up with a smile. "Good Morning dearie! And a very happy birthday."- said Mrs. Woods as she kissed Haley's forehead. "Bad start to my special day... I have woken up so early!" - said Haley in reply. "Haley, stop complaining at least today. It's your birthday!" Haley Woods, a girl with an amazing intellect, yet, never satisfied with anything on Earth. Haley could be much more than what she was, if only she stopped complaining.  The way she saw life was a matter of concern for her parents. "Oh gosh! Mom, ain't I getting anything other than the same old breakfast on my birthday? "My birthday dress looks boring. I had seen Sarah's last year. Hers was pretty good!" and a lot more. Now, they were done with all her grumbling. This birthday, Mr. & Mrs. Woods decided to give Haley a gift of positivity and gratitude.  She was

When I was a child

  When there was not much to think about, And mind was interested in knowing, All that lies beyond the clouds. When growing up sounded quite fascinating, I remember how easy was everything, When I was a Child. The way I believed in fairies and elves, And imagined flying on the magic carpet. How exciting sounded the story of Snow White, And how interesting was Briar Rose's secret. So many mistakes were committed, yet there was no regret, When I was a child.  When I knew quite less,  About the existence of evil. And when I was totally unaware, Of events and desires lethal. Everything seemed so magical, When I was a child. There was a belief that miracles could happen, And that ghosts could come to catch me. I had trust in Santa Claus, And believed adulthood could give me liberty! So marvelous were those days- Wild and carefree, When I was a child.

Let's learn to fulfill!

'Tis the New Year Eve and I am still in a dilemma. What resolutions shall I make this year? What am I going to do this year? And how do I want my life to be, after this decade ends? These questions popping-up one after the other in my head make me feel so confused.  A thought strikes my mind and I chuckle to myself. And this thought is about a very old trend... making new year resolutions but never really fulfilling them. This sounds so queer. We are all so ardent when it comes to celebrating this day. But we never think about all that will happen with us for the next 364 days. Some might say that it's good to stop thinking about the future for sometime and just enjoy the present. Yes it truly is! But then, why did we curse 2020 by calling it "the worst year" the entire humankind has ever faced? We celebrated the first day of 2020 with the same enthusiasm with which we're celebrating the first day of 2021. Then what makes us think that this year will be better?  I

There's a lot to do!

There are days, When you're not praised. And there are times, When you're not listened to. There are many moments- unacknowledged & discredited - which might leave you. But don't you stop there, There's a lot to do! Yes it is disheartening, And quite discouraging too. You'll meet people who might, Keep trying to deject you. Unhappy times will come and go. But don't ever stop striving,  To make your dreams come true. Let attaining excellence, be your sole purpose, Even if no one ever appreciates you. Just go on doing and getting better, There's a lot to do!                                       -Mahira

The Light of Love✨

It was a day... As ordinary as other days. When I unknowingly discovered, The world's most beautiful place. A place where there was, Neither the sun nor the moon. And yet it had not a trace of darkness, All around light was strewn. I kept walking down the lane, Devouring the beauty with my eyes, When I beheld the occupants of the land, Having beaming faces and fabulous smiles. Everything was so perfect, In this distant unknown land, But the mystery of its brilliance, I could not understand. It was then that I stopped, And asked a resident about the mystery, And then I was told the reason, Behind the place being so sightly. "Welcome to the Land of Love, Miss!", Said to me, the resident, "The love and loyalty of the people here, Is the cause of its brilliance." "We have no sun, moon or stars, To give us any light, But we have truth and love in our hearts, Which makes our land so bright." Perplexed and astonished I was, As all this, I never knew. Love for

The Mysterious Night Sky ❤️

Far from the worldly glitz, Away from superficial beauty, There lies a world deep and sparkling, Comprising both mysteries and serenity. Where darkness, so peacefully, co-exists with light. A world that is black, But, by no means dull. Such is the beauty of the Mysterious Night Sky ❤️ Clusters of scintillating dots, looking towards us, Along with the Moon-being protected by cloudy knights.  So heavenly is their brilliance, So intriguing is their enigma! Such is the beauty of the Mysterious Night Sky ❤️ How is it, that something can be so amazing as that, And yet so peculiar...? An unsolved mystery it is,  That keeps expanding, on altitudes so high. So queer is the beauty, Of the Mysterious Night Sky.❤️                                         - Mahira

Beautiful days

I sit down to write and realize I am short of words, Then I recall the days, When there was so much to write and say Those were such beautiful days!💓 Life at school was so simple, And yet so fabulous. We were expected to be disciplined, But we were so ridiculous!😀 From starting our days in our neat and ironed uniforms, To dirtying them on the grounds and courts, From eating and sleeping in the classes, To bunking classes for the sake of sports. Those were such beautiful days!💓 I recall being caught by teachers in the recess, And getting punished for eating in class. And how much we hated it, When sports period was converted to an extra class🙄 I remember the faces of the girls, Who carried loads of empty bottles to the water cooler, And the girls who went to the rest room between the classes, And promised to come sooner.😝 I remember everything, and I know everyone does, Because our school is a paradise, not just some ordinary place. I wish everything gets back to normal soon... I w

Why can't I be ME?

Every colour is distinct, Yet each one is sightly. Then, why do I need to be someone else? Why can't I be ME? Every leaf is different From the rest, on a tree. Why is my being different wrong, then? Why can't I be ME? No moment in a day is same, One you might rue, the other might fill you with glee, Then why should I do, what the others do? Why can't I be ME? Every thing in this world, Is perfect in it's own way, The same sun rises daily... Yet the light is different everyday. The Lord gave me, An inestimable life to live freely, Each of his creations is exquisite, He made each one of us differently. I appreciate my being different, I love being ME.


प्रतिस्पर्धा है दौड़ने की, दौड़ना होगा बहुत तेज़, जो रह जाएं पीछे, उन्हें आगे बढ़ने की उम्मीद न रह जाए। ये दुनिया भी दौड़ रही हैं अपने रास्ते पर, तुम भी दौड़ो ज़रा दोस्तों, कि कहीं हमसे पीछे रहने वाले आगे न निकल जाएं। प्रतिस्पर्धा है जीतने की, जीतना तो पड़ेगा ही। जो हार जाएंगे, उन्हें फिर उठने की आस न रह जाए। ये दुनिया जीतने वालोें से भरी है, तुम भी जीत जाना ज़रा। जो हार गए तो हार तुम्हारी, हौसले तुम्हारे तोड़ न जाए। प्रतिस्पर्धा ही तो बन गई है ज़िंदगी, भागते हैं सब कि पीछे न रह जाएं। पर ज़िंदगी प्रतिस्पर्धा नहीं, एक खूबसूरत सफर है, इस सफर का मज़ा लेते चलो, पता नहीं कब दौड़ते भागते, ये सफर खत्म हो जाए।।

In the abode of God...

In the abode of God, I reached once, I saw neither gall nor malice. I beheld merriment smiling through petals, And cherished the strength of the beuteous sepals. I spot the roots; neglected yet gleeful, And saw the stem; tough and powerful. And when I opened my eyes... I found myself seated amidst the tints I saw in Paradise 🌺🌷                                  -Mahira

क्या गलत है?

मुझे उड़ना है... बहुत कुछ करना है... कि अगर मुझे उम्मीद करने की लत है, तो इसमें क्या गलत है? कोई हंसता है मेरे सवालों पर, कोई देता है मुझे ही रुला, कि मुझे अपने आप लिखनी अपनी किस्मत है, तो इसमें क्या गलत है? माना मैं अव्वल नहीं, होगी मुझमें भी कमी कहीं, पर मुझमें कुछ तो करने की काबिलियत है, तो इसमें क्या गलत है? चलो बन जाती हुं मैं भी दुनिया जैसी, जिज्ञासा की कहां कोई इज़्ज़त है? पर अगर ज़मीन पर रहकर, मिलाना चाहूं आसमां से हाथ, तो इसमें क्या गलत है?

I have seen...

Every man jack, sees the scattered colours, Hardly any hear them sing. The songs of gaiety, beauty and wonders, I've heard them carolling. I've seen the flowers dancing, To the wild tunes of winds. I've heard the trees chatter, And pass each other grins. I have seen the scintillating stars, Diminish the dark of night. I have beheld the sun bringing new hopes, And mighty mountains standing like knights. For all that I feel and see, I thank the Almighty. The charm of His nature I can see, That is the greatest ecstasy.                                   -Mahira 💝

कुछ पलों की आज़ादियां

बेकैद सा होने को जी चाहता है, चलो एक बार आसमान में चलें। एक बार वक्त को पीछे धकेल कर फ़ुरसतों से भरे बचपन से जा मिलें। जो रह गई हसरतें, पूरी करने, जो अधूरे रह गए खेल, उन्हें खत्म करने। जो छोड़ गई हमें पलक झपकते, उन खुशियों का हाल जानने को जी चाहता है। काट कर ये उम्र की बेड़ियां, कुछ पलों के लिए फिर आज़ाद होने को जी चाहता है। घर के आंगन में दौड़ने की, ख़्वाहिश आज फिर जागी है। जो कच्चे रास्ते हम पीछे छोड़ आए, उस ओर आज यादें फिर से भागी हैं। उन रास्तों की मिट्टी में मस्त होकर, खेलने को जी चाहता है। कुछ पलों के लिए फिर आज़ाद होने को जी चाहता है। उन महकती हुई हवाओं को एक बार महसूस करने को जी चाहता है। उन कुछ पलों की आज़ादियों से, फिर रूबरू होने को जी चाहता है।                        -Mahira💝

Let's live today!

Through closed windows,I see the world, the I see misery, hardships, And all the sufferings, it is filled with. Who knows whether there'd be a tomorrow or not? Let's live the present... Let's live today! We know we are far, From those who love us and whom we love. But isn't there something....that joins us with them? Let's cherish the old memories and be nostalgic of the good old days. Let's live today! Every breath of yours, every moment you live, To you it is the almighty's most precious gift. Surrender thyself before Him, Who bestows you with this gift of life everyday. And with a heart filled with new hopes, Let's live today!!


कुछ हम ज़्यादा, तो कुछ हम कम हैं। खामियां कुछ सभी में हैं होतीं, इन पर नहीं कोई ग़म है। बस इतनी सी है बात कि, अपने जैसे सिर्फ हम हैं। और कोई नहीं है हमारे जैसा, यही खुदा का सबसे बड़ा रहम है।🌸

Around Me

Dedicated to my class.... Faces turned around And chatterboxes in every corner. Mouths wide open in laughter All laughing...hi hi hi! I sit in my place and look at them I giggle and chuckle at all these mugglings....that happen around me! It may be a mere room for those who don't sit here. To me it's a heaven, I find nowhere.. The studious and the notorious the lethargic and the curious all around me! With the mosquitoes we sit, smelling cakes being cooked in the pantry. We make the teachers shout And exhibit all our eccentricities. All I see won't be there tomorrow. I'll certainly miss u my class. All of us will part our ways Oh yes! I'll see them But not the same way I used to see them once..... Around Me!

हवा के झकोरों...

 जलें दीप, फूल महकें, चमन इस तरह सजा दो। मैं बहार तोड़ लाऊं, तुम ज़रा मुस्कुरादो। ऐ हवा के झकोरों, कहां आग लेकर निकले? मेरा गांव बस सके तो,  मेरी झोपड़ी जला दो। जो दिलों को भेद दें, उन सरहदों को मिटा दो। कि हर तरफ चहचहाए ज़िंदगी, फिज़ा इस तरह सजा दो। अपनी दहकती हुई आग से, मोहब्बत-ए-शम्मा जला दो। मेरा गांव बस सके तो मेरी झोपड़ी जला दो मेरा गांव बस सके तो मेरी झोपड़ी जला दो।।                             - Mahira💝


Count the days left, Remaining for you to live. Count how much u received, And how much did you give? Add the sweetness of life, To these few remaining days. Let the sun of happiness shine bright, And diminish the dark with its rays. -Mahira💝

धूप सा 🌄

तू रोशन सा एक जहां बना,🌏 और भरदे उसमें एक नूर सा। तू अंधेरों में सफर क्यों करता है मुसाफ़िर? तू ही बनजा कुछ धूप सा। तू बनजा किसी की शम्मा, तू बनजा रोशनी का एक रूप सा। तू अंधेरों को चीर दे, और बनजा सुनहरी धूप सा। वो भी क्या जिंदगी होगी, जिसमे होगा न कुछ गुरूर सा। रोशनी एक हर ओर होगी, और जहां में होगा एक नूर सा।।

मेरी मां

मां....👩‍❤️‍👩 ईश्वर ने एक मूरत बनाई, नाम रखा उसका मां। कहुं क्या उसके बारे में, नहीं है ये आसां। चोट लगती है जब मुझे, दर्द उसे होता है। न हो कुछ मेरे साथ अच्छा, तो दिल उसका रोता है। सुना बहुत से लोगों से , मैनें है कई बार। आ नहीं सकता था ईश्वर, सभी के लिए हर बार। उसने की एक ख़ूबसूरत रचना, और दे दिया उसे मां का करार। मां सभी की सच्ची सहेली, उसकी भांति कोई नहीं। हर राह में वो मेरे साथ रहे, चाहे मुझे जाना हो कहीं। सब कुछ दिया ईश्वर ने उसे, जिसे दिया मां का प्यार। अक्सर सोचती हूं मैं ;ये, समझता क्यों नहीं ये संसार? जो प्यासे को झरना बन, शीतल जल पिलाती है। धूप में छाया बन खड़ी रहे, वही तो मां कहलाती है।।

ज़िंदगी औरत की

जननी ब्रह्मांड की, संतुलन संसार का।  साहिल है भटके का, और किनारा मझधार का । वो प्रकृति है खिली हुई सी, रंग ज़िन्दगी की बहार का ।   कैसी अतुलनीय रचना है खुदा की  औरत बाग़ है गुलज़ार सा......